9 Frame Hand Crank Extractor, Assembled

hands crank 9 frame extractor
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  • Item #: 7101-A

If your apiary is on the larger side, let me invite you to check out this 9-frame hand crank, stainless steel extractor. This 3/9 extractor allows you to extract 9 medium frames (6 1/4") or 9 shallow frames (5 3/8") with the addition of the included set of cages you can also tangentially extract 3 brood frames (9 1/8"). Comes with a hinged Plexiglas cover. It is necessary for the honey gate to be open during extraction. Full 1-year warranty.

Brake: Easy to use. Unlike all other brake/clutch transmissions on the market, with this new system you can rotate the crank to both sides for a better extraction and activate the brake separately simply by pressing the appropriate levers.

Assembled 9-Frame Hand Crank Extractor is for PICK UP ONLY.


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