Deluxe Uncapping Tub Kit

The Deluxe Uncapping Tub Kit from the maker of the Pierce Uncapping Knife. Processing honeycomb doesn’t have to be a messy job anymore. The Pierce Uncapping Tub allows you to quickly and cleanly process your honey. You can use the tub cover to set your wet supers in while uncapping. Your kit can also be used with the included honey gate as your bottling tank to neatly bottle your honey. Filter your honey as needed and for best results, let the honey settle for a few days to allow any particulates or debris to settle out before final bottling. It is made of high-density polyurethane material featuring a metal strainer grid that fits in the bottom. This dual unit stacks one way for uncapping and reversed 180 degrees becomes a strainer tank holding 5 gallons complete with honey gate.

The Deluxe Uncapping Tub Kit includes a double tank, strainer, honey gate, frame positioning bar, and lid.

Made in U.S.A.

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Price $120.00

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