Drone Comb Frame

drone comb frame
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This Drone Comb Frame is an all natural way to combat the Varroa Mite. Because the mite prefers the drone brood for additional time frame for reproduction (21 versus 24 days), place the drone comb frame into your hive box and allow the queen to fill it with drones. Once the cells have been capped, place it in the freezer for 24 hours. The Drone Comb is a one-piece, bright green, molded plastic and is coated with beeswax so it's easily recognizable. Timely removal for the drone frame is essential for this product to work. Approximately 21 days from the time the first egg was layed. One frame per hive and must be placed in the brood area in the center of the hive. Should be checked at each weekly or biweekly inspection.

Drone Comb Frame is available for a deep hive body (9-5/8) or a medium super (6-5/8).

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