Maxant 9-Frame Motorized Extractor

extractor 9 frame motorized
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Maxant 9-Frame Motorized Extractor is a great investment for the 3rd or 4th year beekeeper ready to upgrade their extracting equipment. It is the same extractor as the Maxant 9-Frame Hand Crank Extractor except with a Parvalux Gear Motor and Speed Control. This extractor is extremely well-engineered with a conical bottom. Made with 20-gauge stainless steel. Stiffening rings located at top and bottom. Will extract wood or plastic frames with no modifications. Extracts 6 medium/shallows radially and 3 deeps/medium-shallows tangentially. This extractor measure 18.5˝ diameter x 24.5˝ height.

Leg Kit (#7110) Sold Seperately

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Price $800.00

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